Good Landing Page Design

September 27, 2007 at 6:27 pm Leave a comment

Do you frequently throw money out the window? Not in your daily life? How about in your professional life? Well, I don’t, but it’s amazing how many professional marketers do. And it’s all being sucked up by Google to buy custom 767s or whatever they do with our money.

You see, we all use Google AdWords to generate leads. But it’s amazing to me how many companies still don’t capture the leads they pay for. That’s because they have no landing page for their ad. And that’s like throwing your company’s money out the window.

Yes, it’s 2007 and hundreds of companies pay Google $1-$10 per click to send potential leads…to their home page. Or their product page. Where there is absolutely no lead capture! Now why would you do that? We all want leads. All you have is clicks.

In fact, it makes me ill when I hear marketing people talk about “clicks.” It’s okay if you have an ad-driven model to talk about pageviews. But if you are selling product, you need conversions, not clicks. So you need something to happen to convert that click into something your salesguys can work with. That is most typically a form in exchange for an offer. And for this you need a landing page.

This isn’t rocket science. I’m not even sure it’s “2.0.” But do yourself a favor, if you pay Google (or Yahoo or Microsoft) when people click on your ad, build dedicated landing pages. Make sure each page has a short form to capture their info. Then do two other basic things: remove the navigation from the page so they can’t wander off, and make sure the text/offer matches what you said in the ad.

Even if you do all that, you are probably still wasting money. That’s because your pages probably aren’t optimized. To optimize your landing pages, I recommend taking a look at Marketing Sherpa’s landing page design resources. They have studied landing page design and go into a lot more detail on layout, colors, form design and other things.

So please, if you are going to waste your marketing budget, at least spend it on a party for your company, not one at 35,000 feet on the GoogleJet.


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