CMO 2.0

September 19, 2007 at 8:45 pm Leave a comment

If you are reading this, I commend you. You are a marketing professional that at least is looking to keep up with the pack. You are a far different animal than those that caused me to start writing this in the first place.

But first, a disclaimer. I am not a marketing guru. Nor a direct marketing god, a golden-tongued sloganeer, or a clickstream analytics wonk. I am merely a marketing VP at a Silicon Valley software company, who has watched huge changes happen in the way customers buy, and therefore in the way we must market to them.

So it was only after repeatedly hearing comments like these below from my marketing colleagues did I realize that a lot of people just weren’t getting it, and I needed to at least try to smack some sense into them (pen is mightier than sword, etc.). Here are some actual comments:

“I don’t really read blogs. My customers don’t either.”
“I’m thinking about creating a profile on MySpace to make us more Web 2.0. Maybe Friendster, too.”
“RSS? No, I don’t think we have that.”
“ No.”
“Digg? No.”

Anyway, you’ve got the picture. The thing is, you can’t be in marketing these days and not at least know about this stuff. And don’t be a poser, either. Don’t tell me that you sell disk drives and your Web 2.0 strategy is to create your own MySpace page (though I’m willing to listen.).

The other thing is that this stuff really is pretty easy. Yes, there are tricks. And yes, there are people who are masters. But to deny this stuff is futile.

So, we’re going to take a look at some marketing tactics that you can use. And where I’m not the expert, I’m going to find one and shamelessly pump them for information.

Oh, and about the name CMO 2.0. There have been many online debates about what is and isn’t “2.0.” We will not be having one here. Like any true marketing person would say, I picked it because it sounds cool and I like it.


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